Skype Ambassadors – The Power of Collaboration

It often starts with a casual conversation….. a story about ‘Teacher A,’ struggling to meet the needs of kids with special needs, in a school in Crimea that has limited resources. A story simply shared with “Teacher B’ in a country with greater resources and who has a heart to help.

And then there’s an idea!  Could  ‘Teacher A’ contact ‘Teacher B’ for some long-distance idea-sharing and mentoring?  A translator is found; a Skype call initiated, and the two teachers connect.  They share ideas and relate with each other.  They also pray for resources and ideas to be found.

Then ‘Teacher B’ decides to be part of the financial solution. There was no cajoling required. The need was understood and the connection was perfect.

This is 21st Century missions. Personal, active, relevant and sharing life and God’s love from your own home.

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