Country Profile: Serbia

The story of Serbia could well be summed up in three words…on the brink. Poised between Western Europe and Asia, Serbia sits upon a fragile political, religious, and cultural fault line. A surface look at history shows how Serbia has been a powerhouse, a powder keg, and sometimes a pawn. A deeper look reveals how centuries of wars and occupations have created the unrest and tension of today…and we must not forget the ghosts of the past.

Despite its failures, the echoes of communism are still heard in the corridors of power and in the minds of many citizens. Despite its almost non-existent spiritual significance the orthodox church maintains a sway over many aspects of the Serbian culture.

Fortunately the past is not the foundation upon which we will build.

NLI History in Serbia:

NLI’s involvement in Serbia has roots dating back to a Church Plant Project which ran from 2002-2004 in the area near Leskovac. A very successful Leadership Development program, run between 2004-2006, brought new and emerging leaders from the north and south of Serbia. Today the NLI Network is building on the strength of these long-time relationships and introducing transformational opportunities like the Propel Project, while also seeking opportunities to help develop new leaders and plant new churches. The first two target areas are Novi Sad in the north and Kraljevo in the south, with plans to also begin work in and around the capitol city of Belgrade.

Country Profile  [PDF]

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