Every Picture Tells a Story





True. Every picture tells a story, but how often do we stop to listen? I have been so guilty of capturing just bits of stories, moments in time, just like capturing fireflies when I was a kid.
Then one day something happened. Sitting at an outdoor table having some pizza one evening a boy came begging at our table. We offered some food, but he only wanted money. but that’s not the story. As he left our table I realised I recognized him…I knew his face. He wasn’t one of the kids from the Roma church, nor did he come to any of the kids camps or activities. From where did I know him? I was certain…go ahead ask Mary, I rarely forget a face.
I starting running his face through my memory and had the proverbial “Aha!” moment. On an earlier visit I had taken his picture! He’s the boy playing the drum in the image above. Now I know his face, sadly, I know little of his story…someday I will. I must. So now the challenge is to know the story behind the picture…to be engaged…to care.

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