Skype Ambassadors – The Power of Collaboration

It often starts with a casual conversation….. a story about ‘Teacher A,’ struggling to meet the needs of kids with special needs, in a school in Crimea that has limited resources. A story simply shared with “Teacher B’ in a country with greater resources and who has a heart to help. And then there’s an idea! […]

Building Bridges in English

When working in Eastern Europe, we need to be resourceful and creative in impacting people. Many people inside and outside of the church want to learn English. They are adept at learning languages (many speak two or more) and speaking English can open up many opportunities for them. Teaching English also gives opportunity to bring our […]

Every Picture Tells a Story

      True. Every picture tells a story, but how often do we stop to listen? I have been so guilty of capturing just bits of stories, moments in time, just like capturing fireflies when I was a kid. Then one day something happened. Sitting at an outdoor table having some pizza one evening […]

Volograd Church Planting

Volgograd Church Planting

About this Project: NLI entered into a partnership with Dennis and Olya Bushmanov in 2012 to help them plant a church in the city of Volgograd (population 1 Million).   As a part of that assistance,  we connected them with a partner church in Canada that has come along side and given them both moral and financial support […]

Ordinary Love

Ordinary has gotten a bad rap. Sure it means; common, standard, the usual, the expected. Somehow, in today’s language calling something ordinary is almost derogatory. In this day and age of over-used, misused, and over-hyped adjectives, ordinary is considered just plain dull. Ordinary isn’t shared. Ordinary doesn’t get “likes”. Who retweets ordinary? Your car starts, ordinary. You wake […]

Saturday in the Park

After being rained out last weekend, the “Love Your City” crew regrouped and set out to show Novi Sad what happens when the church works together for the community. Over sixty five volunteers representing seven different churches spent hours cleaning up some local parks. Grass was cut, grass was raked up, weeds pulled, bushes trimmed, […]